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Property Prep and Best Practices

ShowcasePros employees the following best practices to create consistent, successful result. 


Our goal is to capture the entire property and create the most pleasing results. 

We scan all hallways leading into all rooms of the property.  We scan all stairs so that that project will be aligned on all floors. 

We scan each room at recommend distances. Capturing the entire property as recommended by Matterport and the schematic of the project on our iPad.  

We normally don’t capture small closets, cluttered closets, and pantries.   Large walk-in closets are usually included in the tour.   Very small laundry rooms are not usually included.  Larger ones are added to the capture. 

In most cases we don’t include the garage, unless it is very clean or if it is a really unique feature. 

For smaller rooms, we capture at recommended distances and capture at least 3 corners and when a possible a center shot. 

We center shots on most features, like fire places and architectural features.  We often overscan using 360 photos of areas, like garages, unfinished basements, balconies and attached decks. 

We prefer natural lighting. Our camera takes creates HDR images and will produce great results. Many lights create starlights and sometimes unusual colors on walls, tables and countertops.   The light fixtures are generally more visible and look better when off. 

For really dark areas, we provide lighting with Litra Photographic lighting, which we provide. 

Ceiling fans should be off. 

We usually create additional over- scans to insure that we will have data for creating traditional 2D photos. 


We usually take exterior photos once the inside is completed. Should inclement weather is pending, we will begin with exterior photography first.

We have service that will provides ‘sky substitution’, reduce shadows and will make the photo appear as if it were perfect weather.

We capture the front of the property and do our best to not show neighboring homes and driveways.  This isn’t always possible.  

Please advise your neighbors in advance if they keep a cluttered driveway.

We also create a shot from the ‘best’ corner for in interesting picture.  We conclude with a picture of the back yard or courtyard.

Let us know in advance if you have special requests.


We leave the home, just as we found when we arrive and will message owners and realtors as to project start, progress and our exit. 

We are always open to discussion of any recommendations that deviate from our best practices.