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Preparations for photo shoot

Please have your property ready in advance of the scheduled photo shoot.

There are 2 Ways to Stage your home in advance for photography.

Architectural Digest-ready
Normal, Lived-in, but neat

Make sure that all light bulbs are working.

Make sure that Blinds and Window treatments are as desired.


We will help you achieve desired results as follows

Everything should be clean and neat, including carpeting, rugs, windows, ceiling fans, blinds, walls, baseboards, kitchen appliances, etc.

Always remember:  This is what potential buyers will see so this is important.  The main thing is that your furniture should be in place and it should be free from items that should be put away.  We can assist a little and advise so you will get good results.

We photograph homes which are completely empty or are furnished.  The best results are those that are either completely furnished or entirely empty.  But we do our best to make a proper presentations.

When we arrive, we will help with the lighting to achieve best results.

Once you think you have everything put away and clean, walk into each room and ask yourself, “Is everything I see something I want a buyer to see?”

If the answer is no, keep removing things until the answer is yes.

Turn on every single light in your home. Check for burnt out light bulbs.

Put the blinds or shutters all the way down and adjust them to a 45 degree up position to avoid light from hitting the floor

Turn off ceiling fans. 

Make sure everything that doesn’t belong on the floor is put away. 

Hide mail, keys, magazines, books, remote controls


Hide the sponges and dish towels

Remove all items from the sink and clean sink

Remove all appliances and kitchen utensils from the counter top

Hide the trash can

Take down everything from the outside of the refrigerator

We prefer that you hide kitchen rugs


Remove everything from tables and nightstands including phone chargers, alarm clocks, books, eye glasses, etc.

Beds should be made and arrange pillows and throws.

Make sure nothing can be seen under the bed.

Hide any trash cans, disorganized toys and stuffed animals

Hide medical equipment, changing items and undecorated Kleenex boxes


Remove everything from the bathroom counters – exceptions include decorative items

Feel free to display hanging fresh towels towel racks.  Remove towels from shower stalls or pegs.

Remove or hide trash cans

Toilet seats down

Remove all shampoos, soaps, razors from the shower.

Clean shower doors and all glass and faucets.

Hide or Remove rugs from floors

Make sure to clean mirrors and all glass shower surround

Living Rooms, Dining Rooms, and Media Rooms

Remove or organize remote controls, books, magazines, etc.

Tables and Shelving should only contain decorative items.

Make sure pillows are arranged nicely


Remove extra cars from the driveway

Hide all trash cans, recycling containers and any debris

Mow the lawn, then remove all lawn equipment from sight

Hide moveable kids toys and watering and lawn equipment



Remember,  our camera sees everything and we want you to present your home at it’s best.  

It will capture colors, vibrantly and even adds ‘furniture polish” to your hard woods and furniture!

We leave the home, just as we found when we arrive and will message owners and realtors as to project start, progress and our exit. 

We are always open to discussion of any recommendations that deviate from our best practices.