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Immersive 3D Media, including Matterport True3D™, is forever changing how Real Estate Investors and Buyers search,  review and visit properties to be added to their short-list.

How would you like to meet with your realtor, tour a dozen properties, and then make a few offers in just a couple of hours?  Now, imagine doing all of this without leaving your home or real estate agent’s office.

The days of lengthy in-person tours and all day property hunting activities are coming to an end. Virtual reality is quickly changing the way we tour and view properties with Immersive 3D Tours and 360-degree views. Developers, investors, and buyers are all benefiting from virtual reality as it’s saving them time, money and the hassle of viewing undesirable properties.

Agents and Buyers Save Time

Showing prospective buyers and investors properties all day can be a huge time sink.

Real Estate professionals  are now starting to offer virtual reality tours as a way of standing out from the competition.

Imagine being able to show dozens of properties in the comfort of a clients home or real estate agent’s office.  ShowcasePros is leading the way in creating highly immersive virtual tours for single-family, multi-family and commercial real estate properties. Big realty brands, such as Sotheby’s are starting to adopt the Virtual Reality trend by offering virtual tours, as well.

Buyers can Confidently Make Offers, Remotely

For Developers, Prospects Can Buy Remotely, as if they Physically Visited the Property

If that seems overstated, let’s just consider that hardly anyone buys a property after just one visit.  At the very least, it will eliminate additional visits to the property.

Out of town buyers can now immerse themselves in a property and confidently make offers without ever physically setting foot on a property. Builders and property developers are also jumping on the bandwagon as they can piece together tours of an unfinished property and sell it to buyers and investors while it’s still under construction. Traditionally developers have had to designate a model home with staged furniture to sell to potential buyers. Now, companies like ShowcasePros are helping them create beautiful tours with 3D furniture and appliances to help sell properties.

Once Immersive 3D Tours have been created, it is limitless how the property can be branded and enhanced including Aumgmented VR and Virtual Staging.  Stay tuned.


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